Artist Statement

My paintings are created by combining acrylic, fabric dyes and oil on canvas. The texture and depth within the two-dimensional space comes from using layers of one or all of these mediums. This results in a surface fluidity and translucency, which is complemented by organic lines that provide movement and form.

I am inspired by nature, where I experience every curve, motion, texture and fragrance by being present in any given moment. This allows me to paint intuitively, capturing the essence of light and positive energy. In the process, I explore unlimited options so a variety of natural elements become prominent in my work. Instead of painting actual objects, I try to grasp the essence of what exists beneath the visible form.

By freeing my mind to create beauty, mystery and long-lasting emotions in my paintings, I hope to evoke a passionate response. I create from the heart to bring joy to my viewers, lift their spirits and provide them with a transcendent experience.


2012-13 Studies Fusionart International, Burbank
2013 Studies Art and Spirit, Santa Monica
2004 MA California State University Northridge
1999 Credential, California State University Northridge
1994 BA California State University Northridge


Aazam Irilian was born in Iran and moved to Southern California in 1977. She received her BA from California State University, Northridge in 1994 and later earned an MA in Art Education in 2004 from that institution. An interest in both painting and sculpture led her to experiment with a broad range of mediums. Her career as a working artist and educator has allowed her to share her artistic passion with students of all ages for over 20 years.

Irilian has exhibited her work in galleries throughout Southern California as well as in Oregon. Her paintings were featured in Fusionart, Creative Expression through the Heart by Rassouli and Artist Portfolio Magazine – Issue 9: Landscape in 2013 and in Make Peace 2012 & 2013, published by The Whole 9 Gallery. They are also included in various private collections around the world.

She is a member of the Southern California Women’s Caucus for Art, Fusionart International, Angeles Crest Art Guild and California Art League.

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