June 2013 Women Around Town

Item Date: 
Sat, 06/01/2013 - 1:00am
End Date: 
Sat, 06/29/2013 - 1:00am

WOMEN AROUND TOWN by Karen Schifman

The Annenberg Beach House presents "Anywhere: Selected Works by Rebeca Méndez." Mendéz is the first artist-in-residence of GLOW, and she presents her recent projects including video art installations, civic art commissions and her long-term project Circum/bi/polar, an artist/scientist collaboration that investigates the geopolitics of the North and South Poles and climate change as well as the natural forces that govern our planet by following the annual migration of the arctic tern, a small sea bird that flies from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back again. Thru 6/24/13.

Altered Space Gallery ends its tenure on Abbot Kinney with works by Lillian Abel, Susan Feldman, and Karrie Ross which investigate the dynamics of layering. Abel paints in waves of color, resulting in compositions that inhabit a space not quite landscape nor abstracted color field, but somewhere in-between. Feldman constructs "ladders" of reclaimed wood, yarn and jute that serve to lift and transcend, if ever so delicately, their earthly constraints. Finally, Ross is a prolific painter who reveals a divine sense of order and purpose, amidst seemingly chaotic components. Thru 6/29/13.

"Jenny Okun Stage Projections for the Opera Dulce Rosa" at Craig Krull Gallery features images that she created for Dulce Rosa, which includes a libretto by Okun's husband, Richard Sparks. Presented by the LA Opera, the opera is based on a short story by Isabel Allende. Okun made thousands of brilliantly colored photographic images of architecture and flora in Central and South America, then edited and montaged them into the seamlessly evolving projections that flood the walls of the stage. Thru 7/6/13.

Couturier Gallery presents works by Puerto Rican ceramicists in "Encuentro: Susana Espinosa & Toni Hambleton. Espinosa's hand-built male and female elongated figures and robust busts, with their inscribed, and crusty surfaces, are at once part of their own landscape. Toni Hambleton's elegant and rhythmic architectonic forms (buildings, walls, pathways) can make up a pueblo, a village or city whether from the memory of her native Mexico or wanderings throughout the island of Puerto Rico. Her slab-built sculptures may be pierced like windows of a house or doors in a wall providing a look inside though the contents are left to speculation. The sculptures of these two artists together combine remarkably to form very diverse and elegant "clay communities."
Thru 7/13/13.

"June Wayne: Eloquent Visionary" (image right) continues at Louis Stern Fine Arts. Here several early works are on view including paintings and lithographs. Her early paintings explore geometric repetitions compressed and expanded to incorporate the human form. Many of her compositions explore the relationship / struggle between man, nature and man's nature itself. Stars explode. "In each artwork, questions of identity are explored and re-framed with exquisite technical invention and the great heart of a consummate artist." Thru 7/27/13.

Shoshana Wayne Gallery presents a solo show of Yvonne Venegas, "Borrando la Línea" that investigates the notion of portraiture. The artist was introduced to photography through the work of her father, a photographer of social events in Tijuana. As a youth, Venegas began her exploration of capturing images through photographs that she took of her twin sister Julieta, now a famous pop singer in Mexico. Venegas is fascinated by the notion of a blurred reality and fiction running side by side in many of her photographs. Thru 8/23/13.

The 2013 C.O.L.A. award recipients in the visual arts are: Lisa Anne Auerbach, Krysten Cunningham, Ramiro Diaz-Granados, Samantha Fields, Judithe Hernández, Carole Kim, Nery Gabriel Lemus, Rebeca Méndez, and Rebecca Morris. Their work is on view at the Los Angeles Municipal Gallery at Barnsdall Park. View the website for artists talks and more information.


Lancaster Museum of Art and History continues its exhibition of work by Janice Tieken, Sharon Suhovy and Susan Sironia. Thru 6/29/13.

The title of the exhibition "Joyce Pensato: I Killed Kenny" at the Santa Monica Museum of Art invokes the vernacular, sardonic wit and cultural critique of "South Park." It includes monumental enamel paintings and large-scale charcoal drawings that are rendered onto SMMoA's gallery walls, sculptural assemblages of derelict toys, objects, and ephemera from the artist's studio, a selection of older charcoal drawings and painting and a series of paint-splattered collages where historic images of Abraham Lincoln are overlaid with portraits of iconic Hollywood celebrities, contemporary artists, and legendary American boxers. Thru 8/17/13.

The Craft and Folk Art Museum features "Sonya Clark: Material Reflex" with Clark draws from her African-American, Scottish, and Caribbean roots. She incorporates both the actual hair of African-American women and culturally associated hair-braiding techniques into textile form and sculptural objects. Her innovative processes explore the historical and inter-generational contexts of racial identity, disenfranchisement, and beauty within African-American cultures. Thru 9/8/13.