March 2011

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Tue, 03/01/2011 (All day)
March 2011
Women Around Town
Alison Saar at Lux Art Institute
Alison Saar at work @  Lux Art Institut


SPOTLIGHT: Alison Saar @ the LUX Art Institute 


It was a privilege last week to watch Alison Saar sculpt, and to engage in some lively discourse with this amazing artist. She was just finishing an artist residency in Encinitas.


The works on exhibit at LUX address a theme of letting go: letting go of her children as they venture out into the world, letting go of her fertility as menopause comes her way, and simultaneously addressing her personal and cultural identity. Poison is the title of her current sculpture project,  which is inspired by Renaissance anatomical drawings and will result in a life-size carved woman with her abdomen open and filled with ephemera. A video of the work and a brief interview with the artist can be viewed @ or by clicking on the image on the left. Thru 3/16.


The most recent (3/4/11) "Around the Galleries" section of the LA Times seemed as if it were dedicated to women in the arts with reviews of 3 exhibitions featured art by women artists - plus the current show at Galerie Anais, which is owned by Anna Meliksetian, all got nice plugs.    


Victoria Reynolds' baroque paintings address the themes of mortality and fertility. Best known for her luxurious oils of raw meat, Reynolds has added fruits, flowers and vegetables to her repertoire.  Richard Heller Gallery. Thru 3/19/11. "Debbie Han: The Eye of Perception" is the current exhibition at  Santa Monica College's Pete and Susan Barrett Art Gallery.  The artist uses Venus as a metaphor in which to investigate cultural identity in her photographic and sculptural installations. Thru 3/19/11.


Kirsten Stoltmann's exhibit entitled "I Am So Happy" at Emma Gray gallery on La Cienega features collaged paintings as well as video. Thru 3/19/11.
A compulsion for beauty and social change by the very talented Kim Abeles calls attention to domestic abuse with "Pearls of Wisdom: End the Violence." The project, which is a collaboration with of A Window Between Worlds, demonstrates the power of art to bring attention to the subject of domestic abuse. Over 800 survivors and community members contributed to this very important and powerful installation at the Korean Cultural Center. A handsome catalog with essays by Suvan Geer, Suzanne Lacy, Barbara T. Smith, Kim Abeles, Sandra Mueller and Cathy Salser  documents the project. You are invited to act in solidarity with the survivors and add your own 'pearl of wisdom' online in a community blog. Thru 3/31/11.


Edward Cella Art + Architecture  presents "Laurie Frick: Sleep Patterns," a science-based exhibition with works  based on daily activity and sleep data. Thru 4/2/11.


"Year of the Dog," is the title of the exhibition by Judy Pfaff at Greenfield Sacks Gallery  of large, hand-painted woodcuts. Thru 4/16/11.      


Jean Wells serves up delicious and shiny Pop Art mosaic sculptures at Skidmore Contemporary Art in Bergamot Station. Thru 4/16/11.


The Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery is featuring "Framing Abstraction: Mark, Symbol, Signifier" curated by Marlena Doktorczyk-Donohue and Peter Selz.  Includes work by Lita Albuquerque and Naomie Kremer. Thru 4/24/11.
Wonderful surreal portraits and landscape paintings by Laura Karetzky are featured in  "Said What" at Lora Schlessinger. 3/19 to 4/30/11.


In honor of Women's History Month, NoHoGallery LA presents "Woman!" which features work by several women artists: Sandra Cooper, Renate Dartois, Spike Dolomite, Alexandra Kube, Lola Scarpitta, Ora Tamir, and Rachel Weissberger. Note: welcoming artist's submissions.  Opens 3/12.

Haus Gallery in Pasadena presents drawings and sculpture by Holly Boruck. Her visceral forms in both media permeate the gallery's spaces taking us on a journey with her organic imaginings.  (Image left) Reception on 3/13. Runs 3/17-4/9/11.  


In honor of Women's History Month, NoHoGallery LA in the North Hollywood Arts District presents "Woman!" which features work by several women artists: Sandra Cooper, Renate Dartois, Spike Dolomite, Alexandra Kube, Lola Scarpitta, Ora Tamir, and Rachel Weissberger.(Note: This gallery seems to be welcoming artist's submissions so check them out here).  Opens Sat. 3/12.


Ongoing Museum Exhibitions:
Vija Celmins: Television and Disaster 1964-1966" at LACMA  
This Latvian-born artist immigrated to the United States when she was a child and eventually received her MFA from UCLA.  Using a very patient process, Celmins is well-known for her very intricate paintings based on photographs; many of these of nature. She is very interested in the marks she makes, some over and over again. This exhibition focuses on a very short period of her career. Fourteen paintings and two small sculptures "reflect on the moment when the printed image gave way to the ubiquitous screen of the television, updated today with the computer." Runs 3/12-6/5/11.