Artist Statement

My works are usually the result of a continuous refinement of established techniques and experimentation with new and additional materials. Mostly subjects are based on abstracted impressions and memories of different architectural sites I have visited throughout the world. Ancient and far away places and their unique moods created by light and changing color evoke intense responses and compel me to create my work. In order to capture every mood to my personal satisfaction, the surfaces have to be superimposed and juxtaposed, creating major and minor accents with some kind of harmony.

I feel that the completion of my paintings is a journey unto itself, of color and feelings. At times I insert snapshots and add text in different languages representing my fascination with different peoples and cultures in the world. I want to enable the viewer to enter these timeless places that were once inhabited, and now exist only in my mind.


1980 BFA Immaculate Heart College, Los Angeles, CA
1972 Studies Interior Design Guild, Beverly Hills, CA
1956 Diploma Barrett Street School of Fashion Design, London, England
1955 Fashion Design Paris Academy, London, England


J. Natasha Kostan lives and works in Los Angeles and has been painting in various media for the past 30 years. Before earning her BFA from Immaculate Heart College, she studied fashion and interior design in England and fine arts and art history in the United States. Her work includes oils, acrylics, mixed media and collage on canvas and paper.

She studied printmaking extensively under Maurizio Barattucci, a well-known and highly respected artist and instructor. The printmaking process has been an inspiration for developing intriguing primary surfaces and the metamorphosis of her works on paper.

Her eclectic style is a manifestation of her multihued vision of the world. Her work expresses her experience of living in and traveling through several cultures. “Her palette reflects warmth, balance and strength,” said the late California artist, Barbara Hagar, with whom Kostan studied for many years. Various corporations as well as private collectors throughout the United States and England own her paintings. She has also exhibited her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions for 25 years.