Artist Statement

“And I rest where I awoke
In the sea shade l’ombre glauque
Of a legendary oak.

Where the woods get ever dimmer
Where the Phantom Orchids glimmer
Esmeralda, immer, immer.”

“Lines Written in Oregon,” —Vladimir Nabakov


1989 Rotary Fellow Universidad Javeriana Pontificia de Colombia
1985 BA Brown University, Providence, RI


Libby Hartiga is a nonprofit consultant and a mixed media artist. Previously employed as an editor at a teen newspaper and as a reporter at the Daily News of Los Angeles, she earned a comparative literature degree at Brown University and studied as a Rotary Fellow at the Universidad Javeriana Pontificia de Colombia in Bogota. As Grants and Fundraising Chair for the Southern California Women’s Caucus for Art, she has written five successful grants on behalf of the organization, worked on several individual donor campaigns and done press outreach.

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