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The National WCA Board is calling for a more contemporary look for our identity as the leading non-profit organization for women in the visual arts.

To convey our commitment to inclusivity as we approach our 50th anniversary, we seek an innovative and memorable logo. We’re after a fresh look to appeal to young and mid-career women artists, curators, gallerists, and art historians who share our mission to build community through art, education, and social activism.

National board members recently voted on what they most want to see in a new logo. To sum it up, we seek a logo embodying art/creativity (8 votes) inclusiveness (6 votes), community (6 votes), activism (5 votes), and women/feminism (4 votes).

As for the look of the logo, the board feels it should be fresh/contemporary/distinct (9 votes), strong/bold/dynamic (9 votes), classic/classy/timeless (5 votes), simple/readable (4 votes), and professional (3 votes).

Call closed Nov 25, 2017