“Earthly Delights,” a spring exhibition at Avenue 50 Studio Gallery in Los Angeles, celebrates 40 years of activism in support of women arts professionals in Southern California. The show runs through June 5, 2016.

Venue: Avenue 50 Studio, Inc.
Address: 131 North Avenue 50, LA 90042
Hours: Tue-Sunday 10am-4pm | closed on Fridays

The 46 contemporary works in the exhibition explore the joys of artistic expression while delving into our relationships with the planet and one another. environmental and ever so human concerns of our day in a variety of media from painting, prints, photography, drawing, digital art, mixed media and sculpture

Participating Artists: Donna Abbate, Mariona Barkus, Amy Bauer, Lucy Blake-Elahi, Cheryl Bookout, Janine Brown, Marie Cenkner, Krystee Clark, Joyce Cutler-Shaw, Cecelia Davidson, Mary Dessert, Diane Destiny, Marilyn Eisenberg, Danielle Eubank, Marla Fields, Dwora Fried, Kathy Gallegos, Susan Gesundheit, Coco Hall, Libby Hartigan, Shelley Heffler, Brenda Hurst, Aazam Irilian, Ann Isolde, Rashaun Kartak, Niku Kashef, Susan King, Eva Kolosvary, Sinan Revell, Bea Mego, Susan Melly, Sandra Mueller, Karen Neubert, Andrea Reider, Melissa Reischman, Linda Jo Russell, Seda Saar, Cathy Salser, Karen Schifman, Victoria Sebanz, Ann Storc, Patricia Terrell-Oneal, Kathleen Thoma, Frances Vandal, Louise Wannier, France White and Nancy Worthington

A special closing event for members and the public is planned for Sunday, June 5, 2016 at Avenue 50 Studio in Highland Park from 11 am to 1 pm.