SCWCA 2019 Member’s Exhibit
Avenue 50 Studio, Highland Park
March 9-April 6 


Presenters: Kim Abeles, Suvan Geer and Nancy Spiller

Saturday, Sept. 15 @ 10am – Noon
Armory Arts Center for the Arts
145 N Raymond Street in Pasadena

Join the conversation organized by SCWCA as we explore how artists can contribute to climate change solutions.

Hot on the heels of attending a recent three-day Climate Reality Training by Al Gore our artist panel will examine with us what they learned, what gives them hope and the power of artist’s stories, objects and images at this important moment in a changing climate. It will be an open conversation.

Join the discussion!

What do you see art’s role being as the climate shifts? Where does art give you hope, pause or inspiration?

Kim Abeles Valise 1 – Fire Line

The conversaton takes place at the Armory alongside Kim Abeles‘ CampValises for Ground: Arts, Corrections, and Fire Management in the Santa Monica Mountains.