Ilana Bloch

Artist Statement

The inspiration for my recent paintings comes from my experiences and the changes within me as they mirror the transformation of nature and the geography around me. My deepened exploration of the landscape as subject matter challenges me to make some sense of the tragic beauty of the exploitation of the earth. I express the life energy of the landscape using gestural brushwork. The gestural freedom is juxtaposed against passages of intricate detail. An atmospheric light quality created with earth tones and high contrast gives the paintings a glow that reflects the eternal hope that I believe exists in the cycle of nature.

As an artist, I continue to engage the diverse patterns of my visual memory. During my childhood, I moved from Czechoslovakia to the Mediterranean and experienced the Middle Eastern influences of Israel. Then my family came to Los Angeles with its urban sprawl. So my work has been strongly influenced by the many cultures I have absorbed throughout my life.

The geography of the landscape has had a profound impact on my life and work, for which I “Bear Witness” with this new series. It has allowed me to continue to expand my frame of reference and comment on the significant changes in the world around me.


1970 Credential California State University, Northridge, CA
1969 BFA California State University, Northridge, CA


Born in Prague and raised in Israel, Ilana Bloch has absorbed the atmosphere and temperaments of many cultures. When she was 12, her family moved to Los Angeles where she later attended California State University Northridge, receiving both her BFA and a Standard Teaching Credential in art and German.

Bloch has over 25 years of experience as a teacher and professional artist. Her work had been exhibited in galleries, cultural art centers, private and corporate collections and she has been featured in the Los Angeles Timesas well as other art publications.

Bloch’s studio has been included on many art tours. Through her affiliation with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Rental and Sales Gallery, art consultants and various art organizations, she is frequently asked to guest lecture and speak about her work. With a lifelong involvement in the world of art, she shares her love of art through teaching others.

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