Judy Zimbert


I have spent most of the last 25 years in my studio. Life goes in and out of it, but the tone of the work and the mark making as such, remains instinctive. It juxtaposes differently, assumes more complex positions in space and shows new colors. It enriches as life does. And like life, the negative space ebbs and flows and the touch in many ways grows more delicate and sure, the colors more vivid with experience. It layers like the years and the search for humanity continues. 

I call the figures “Judy’s People.” They come together over time and reflect back to me like the people I have known or hope to meet.


1972 MA University of Arizona, Tucson

1971 BS  University of Arizona, Tucson


The paintings of Los Angeles-based artist Judy Zimbert are made from the application of copious layers of oil paint. Many are removed and restored in her attempt to capture the ambiguous nature of existence and infuse each piece with all the emotions felt and experienced within life’s moments.

Each work is original to Zimbert’s experiences of summers in Michigan, life in her own neighborhood or travels to distant lands like Japan in particular. 

Initially inspired by the postwar angst of such painters as Lucien Freud, Frank Auerbach and the German Expressionist art movement, Zimbert’s paintings use symbolism to evoke mood and meaning as well as human traits to express intensity and place. She aims to weave a visual narrative for her viewers, inviting them into a shared emotional experience.

Zimbert has worked in Los Angeles and New York during the last 25 years. She has studied with figurative master David Leffel in Taos, New Mexico as well as Dave Limrite, formerly of Art Center Los Angeles. Her work has been exhibited in Artspace Gallery in Los Angeles and Agora Gallery in New York City. Her collectors live as close as Beverly Hills and as far away as Russia.

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