Linda L. Carlson

Artist Statement

I am a three-dimensional fiber artist constructing figures and articles that project inner-spiritual feelings, the oneness of all and shamanism. I believe that we are connected to everything that exists in the universe. This has been called the “Universal Oneness.”

This “Universal Oneness” has come to be a strong representation of my inner spiritual feelings. For me, shamanism is a way to visit that place between worlds where spirits live. I am connected to the spiritual and healing aspects of worldwide shamanism. My inner world is a three-dimensional place. The experiences gained through shamanic journeys help me as an artist to bring that world out to the viewer.

As my language, I use various fibers, techniques and found objects with their unique energies. I create artworks in fiber collage and assemblage for wall, pedestal and floor display using layered and symbolic imagery. My work includes figures, shrines, shields and art quilts. I enjoy using a variety of construction and embellishment techniques in my work including: sewing, handmade paper, paper clay, paint media, words and image transfer.

My hope is that I will continue to grow and communicate spiritual and healing aspects through my artwork and connect us to this “Universal Oneness.”


Linda Carlson was born in Grand Rapids, MI. Her family moved to Southern California in 1957. She is married, raised two children and lived in Long Beach, CA where she gained many art connections. She studied fiber arts and art-related subjects at Long Beach City College, Orange Coast College and California State University at Long Beach. Carlson studied fiber art with International Catalonian artist, Josep Grau Garriga and fiber art plus performance art with nationally known artist Valerie T. Bechtol. She also taught weaving and dyeing classes through the Long Beach Recreation Department and was the Gallery Director for the Long Beach Art Association.

Carlson and her husband moved to the Oakland, CA area in 1993. She studied shamanism with Thea Robertshaw and Michael Harner, the founder of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She studied mask making and performance art with international artist, Sha Sha Higby. In addition, she was the artists’ facilitator and curator for the Circle of the Transforming Art Doll project: a two-year collaborative work involving 12 artists from five states.

In 2002, Carlson and her family moved to the San Fernando Valley. There she established an art presence in the Los Angeles area. She was the Salon Director at the Valley Institute for Visual Art in Sherman Oaks, served as Exhibitions Chair for the Southern California Womens Caucus for Art and was the curator for the Connections exhibit through the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

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