Artist Statement

Over the past eight years, my artwork has taken the form of montage or mixed media and my focus has been on defining form and shape, often with a three-dimensional perspective that has depth, a strong sense of design and typically a black-and-white color palette. My work explores the juxtaposition of line and space that provides both internal and external boundaries creating a narrative image or design investigating negative and positive environments.

I am an intuitive artist utilizing my mood that day, facing the blank material, paper, wood or canvas and utilizing various images drawn either from my personal photography library or from magazines with subjects ranging from fashion to nature and from texts to shapes. Most recently, I have played with color on canvas, which is a huge departure from my more graphic work on cold or hot press paper on which my images are printed.


1998  MA in Counseling / Psychology, Ryokan College, Los Angeles, CA

1996  BA in Human Behavior / Psychology, Ryokan College, Los Angeles, CA


Lynda Levy is a Los Angeles-based artist who was an art history and psychology major in college. She continued over the years to dabble in creative endeavors ranging from ceramics to pottery to photography and now mixed media. Her first professional camera was a Pentax view finder with many lenses and filters. She segued to a CANON EOS view finder enjoying a stint during the 1970s and 80s photographing many jazz and classical artists at public venues including the Hollywood Bowl and Royce Hall at UCLA.

In 2009, a trip to India prompted her to update her camera to a digital CANON EOS accompanied by smaller pocket models of Canon and Sony and the iPhone, which she often uses. She became an exhibiting photographer capturing the beauty of the culture, the people and nature in India, Israel, Eastern Europe,Italy, Vietnam, Cambodia and China. At the age of 52, Levy returned to college to complete her BA degree and also earn a Master’s in Psychology. She is presently a practicing psychotherapist in West Los Angeles as well as a working mixed media artist.

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