Artist Statement

My creative intent is to witness and then express the incredible energies that connect us to one another and sustain our very lives. I am in an ongoing exchange of bringing to the surface what was interior and often invisible and bringing what was surface to the interior experience.

These photographs engage the dynamic of emergence—embracing mystery, choosing possibility and inviting divergence. In some cases, I allow my shadow to merge with the natural environment so that my body contains wild flowers, leaves or grass. At other times, i create poetic, abstract triptychs which reveal a rich array of dissonant colors and forms that fluidly interact.

The Fish and Foul Triptych was created at Green Valley Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains where the water contained substances that killed a local fish. The Oil, Water and Me Triptych began on a cloudy spring day at the La Brea Tar Pits Park in the shadows of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art as water, oil, tar and light intermixed.

The resultant imagery invites reflection and evokes our own inner resolve, strength and compassion to envision new relationships to our dear planet and its most precious resources.


1968 BA University of California, Berkeley


Sandra Mueller is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and arts facilitator who has been on a lifelong journey of social concern and creative expression. She spent much of the 1990s working on the cutting edge of interactive media before returning to make her own visual art and launch the BeARTrageous Creativity and Leadership Workshops for Women. Mueller serves on the Women’s Caucus for Art national board. Her colorful abstract paintings and photographs have been shown broadly through the Pacific Rim region.

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