Seda Saar

Artist Statement

The mathematical archetypes of nature, art and science are the teacher from whom I have learned to create. My challenge is to let nature pass through my eye, my heart, my soul and my hand and then to reinterpret her in a new way that no one has ever done before. The universe may be a mystery but it is not a secret.

A vision of mathematics holds an accessible key to a world of wonder and beauty. Geometry is also the bridge between the One and the many. On every scale, natural patterns of growth or movement conform inevitably to one or more simple geometric types. Geometry is the purest visible expression of number and of life. For this reason, I am always a student of nature and create all my expressions through it.

My aim is to use my skills in painting, digital painting, photography and sculpture to recreate the experience of joy and mystery I feel when I am in nature. Starting from simple sketches, I utilize all available means including my hands and digital pen to create my compositions. The acrylic and mirror sculptures shown here allow me to express my perceptions of geometry through the interplay of three-dimensional colorful forms with their shadows and reflections.

The Geocube I painting is a two-dimensional image on canvas depicting the projection space of the sculptural form with all its dimensions. These compositions are drawn from life and allow me to ponder the interconnected essence of concrete and ethereal realms as also shown here in the Parallel Worlds Chromogenic print on metal. Sometimes I even create video projections for interactive installations. The possibilities are endless, just like in architecture and design.


2010-14 Studies Art History Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA
2011-12 Studies Painting with Jove Wang in Pasadena, CA
2006-12 Studies Painting with Armen Atayan in Armenia
2006-10 Studies Painting with Barry John Raybould in Venice, Italy
2000-06 Studies Painting with Arthur Egeli in Tuscany, Italy
1993-94 Studies Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA
1982 BA London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom


Seda Saar is an award-winning international artist and designer who has created themed environments for amusement parks, stage and film. She has also exhibited her paintings, sculptures and photography in galleries and museums in United States, Europe and China.

Saar was born in Teheran, Iran and raised in the United Kingdom. She received her undergraduate degree with honors in architecture and interior design from London Metropolitan University. After moving to the US in 1982 to pursue her passion for visual storytelling, she completed graduate studies in storyboarding for film, rendering and illustration at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA while working full-time as a designer for major Hollywood studios such as Disney and Universal.

Later she was fortunate to be a lead show set and interior designer on award-winning branded attractions in theme parks in Orlando, FL; Las Vegas, NV; Bremen, Germany; and Osaka, Japan. Her work as an assistant production designer on a full length Independent feature film earned her recognition for Best Production Design-Indie Film Category for Dancing on a Dry Salt Lake (Hidden Moon Pictures) at Los Angeles Film Festival 2011.

Saar maintains a studio in Malibu, CA and continues to utilize all available means to immerse the audience in the narrative, including painting, sculpture and photography. In addition, she has worked as an exhibition curator and director/producer for artist documentary films. Saar is dedicated to sustainable design, partaking in environmental and educational causes and aiming to develop concepts for positive change.

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