“Momentum” - Contemporary Women’s Art

Commemorating 40 years of the Women’s Caucus for Art, "Momentum" presents the art and ideas of intergenerational contemporary women artists. Moving forward and yet still in touch with our roots; the exhibition celebrates what has influenced the artists looking back over the past 40 years of women in the arts, reflecting on struggles and accomplishments and how this inspires their momentum, moving ahead.

Presented by Avenue 50 Studio, "by and for: democracy and art," is a visual conversation of the role of art in a democracy. Thirty were selected by curator, activist and art historian Carol A. Wells, the founder and executive director of the Center for Study of Political Graphics.

In the work exhibited, the artists address shifting meanings of freedom and equality, censorship and civil liberties. Using art as a vehicle for the discussion of political issues has a rich history which, at times, has been shrouded in censorship.


Curated by art historians Denise Lugo and Karen Schifman

Ulla Barr, Lucy Blake-Elahi, Elizabeth Bloom, Marie Cenker, Molly Enholm, Rosalie Friis-Ross, Doro Hofmann, Ann Isolde, Sandra Lauterbach, Meg Madison, Carmen Monne Martin, Penny McElroy, Freyda Miller, Sandra Mueller, Avinger Nelson, Sue Ann Robinson, Orly Ofry Ruben, Deborah Thomas, and Elizabeth Wallace.

ECOART Exhibition
APRIL 14 – MAY 12, 2007

ECOART IS A VISUAL CONVERSATION ABOUT OUR PLANET’S FUTURE initiated by a circle of artists who are actively taking a stand for sustainable living

ECOARTISTS: Ruth Askren, Ulla Barr, Gregor Goethals, Ann Isolde, Julie Kornblum, Linda Lundell, Cathy Salser, Hani Shafran, Gabriela Sincich, Deborah Thomas, France White

"Multiple Vantage Points: Southern California Women Artists, 1980-2006"
Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery
February 25 - April 15, 2007
Conversations with the Artists on Saturday, April 14 at 2 PM

Fifty women artists and a 26-year timeline covering the decades after the rise of the feminist art movement span generations and cultures to offer multiple perspectives on gender, race, the body, history politics, religion and nature.