Debra Dobkin

Artist Statement

Although I was schooled in the style of classical painters, my approach to the canvas comes from an improvisational point of reference much like that of a group of musicians creating a piece of music. This group would be my palette, materials, subject matter and tools. Together, they transform and coax light and shadows into my work through me. The interplay of chiaroscuro and the devastating beauty of a reflected light from an object real or imagined inspires me to paint.


Studies UCLA Extension, Los Angeles, CA
1972-75 Studies Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL
1969-71 Studies Washington University in St. Louis, MO
1965-68 Studies Village Art School, Chicago, IL
1959-61 Studies Art Institute of Chicago, IL


Debra Dobkin grew up in Chicago. At age six, she was chosen by the Art Institute of Chicago for children’s scholarship classes. From age 14 to 17, she studied oil painting with the artist Joseph Abbrescia, followed by college at the School of Fine Art at Washington University in St. Louis.

Along with her art education, Dobkin went to music school and became an accomplished percussionist/drummer. In the years that followed, she has had a successful career performing and recording in a wide range of musical settings around the globe. While traveling and playing music, she has continued to study, draw and paint. Her work now holds the richness of those experiences.

Dobkin moved to Los Angeles in 1976 and currently resides in Studio City, CA.

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