Sinan Revell

Artist Statement

Art has always been a journey of discovery and self-expression for me, whether it involved the performing arts (vocals, butoh, drama) or the plastic arts (painting, photography, mixed media, ceramics, encaustics). Through the exploration of different media, I have always searched for and found a redemption of sorts from the endless questioning that bedevils us all.

Different media create different challenges and reflect my life and interests at various periods of time. The DoppelgANGER and COLOR/BLIND series were created in response to the political and social crises that rocked the United States after 9/11. The lenticular photos emerged after that reflecting transformation. My encaustic works have focused on preservation of the bees, of the sea, of memories and histories past. Collages and prints tend to be more decorative.


1977 Studies Australian Center of Photography, Sydney
1975 Studies Julian Ashton Art School, Sydney, Australia
1973 BA University of Sydney, Australia


Born in China and raised in Australia in a strong multicultural environment, Sinan Revell is a Los Angeles-based visual artist who works in a wide range of media to create her unique vision. She earned a BA from the University of Sydney in 1973 and later studied at the Julian Ashton Art School and the Australian Centre of Photography. Her love of the performing arts led her to drama classes with renowned Aboriginal teacher, Bryan Syron, and work in television and film. In the 1980s, she was a core member of industrial electronic band “S.P.K.”, which recorded and toured the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and the United States.

Since the 1990s, Revell has worked in various media including painting, photography, encaustics and performance art. Her work has been extensively exhibited both nationally in Southern California, New Mexico and New York and internationally in London, England; Paris, France; Sydney, Australia; Shenyang, China; Nagasaki and Tokyo, Japan; Pyong Taek, Korea; and Thitsanulok, Thailand.

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